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"Wall Street Journal PICKS Break a Leg:
...preposterously convoluted but compelling... [Break a Leg] is a funny and well-crafted, if absurd, show."
Wall Street Journal

"...a terrifically droll comedy web serial...[it's] The Larry Sanders Show mixed up with Sunset Boulevard."
-The Times

"[Break a Leg] is ahead of its time."
San Francisco Chronicle

"Some good stuff gets lost in the crowd too. "Break a Leg," an edgy and entertaining comedy on, should have a bigger audience."
-LA Times 

"Break a Leg is Arrested Development set in the TV industry. It's wonderfully produced and they've just released a great third episode."
Huffington Post

"'Break a Leg' proves that Yuri Baranovsky is the Woody Allen of the Web 2.0...The show is... irreverent and clever...with this wild spirit of anarchy. There’s something in it that reminds me of virtually every Jewish comedian I love: the craziness of Mel Brooks, the wittiness of Woody Allen, the silliness of Ben Stiller. It’s much better than most of the stuff that’s on television today."
Jewish Week

"...[a] brilliant sitcom..."
-Slate Magazine

"...highly regarded net-based series... [with] solid production values."
-The News & Observer SITE OF THE DAY: RATED 9/10
"YouTube craze meets The Office... [Break a Leg] is inventive, funny and entertaining; perfect for lunch break viewing."

"The best show on the Web."
Ronn Owens, Talk Show Host, KGO. SITE OF THE DAY: RATED 9/10
"YouTube craze meets The Office... [Break a Leg] is inventive, funny and entertaining; perfect for lunch break viewing."

"[Break a leg] has the makings to be the next 'Office'. Now with a Hollywood name in the billing, Patrice Oneal, it is sure to get more press, and the recognition it deserves...This thing is funny, off the wall, fast, and most of all believable. That is hard to find these days in shows, even on the networks."

"It’s a dark, absurdist and quirky interpretation of the glitz and glamour of Tinseltown ...the notion that things could get stranger is, to say the very least, intriguing."

"Good writing, good sound, good camera work and last but not least good personalities... Even the bloopers are fun and interesting to view...Like that favorite bag of chips, I just can't 'eat' just one...If they get going with this sitcom, it should be one of the best."
-Total Amazement blog

"There’s a lot to like about this: the production is solid, the acting is professional and the writing is better than most 'regular' TV fare. My goal is to get this on my Apple TV to see what it looks like on the big screen. Seems like that’s where it belongs."
-What's On Tonight blog

"Vlad and Yuri Baranovsky’s web-based sitcom 'Break a Leg' delves into the mysterious (and apparently comedic hijinx filled) world of TV sitcom production and...there’s no shortage of the funny to be had."

Yahoo! Picks 

"A great, tightly-written show with superb production values and a lot of laughs -- it's a shock this isn't on TV yet."
-Anton Diether, screenwriter of 1998 Hallmark TV miniseries MOBY DICK, the highest-rated miniseries in cable-TV history, nominated for 5 Emmys and 2 Golden Globe Awards.

 "Break a Leg is sophisticated, ridiculous, laugh-out-loud funny.  It's not just 'good enough to be on TV.' It's better. Both new media creators and traditional producers could learn a thing or two from this show."
-Eric Mortenson, Director of Content, Blip.TV

"The show, a dead-pan comedy featuring warring guilds, a meta-TV show, and a bunch of goofballs, is a poor man's Arrested Development, and I say that out of love."

"This show is my favorite show that isn’t on a major network. I just love the hell out of it... well-acted, well shot, and well produced, “Break a Leg” is a truly independent production that shows us what is capable with a little budget and a lot of talent."

"I REALLY like this show. It's extremely funny."
-Sam Reich, Director of Original Content, College Humor

"Freaking hilarious. Simply better than any sitcom on TV right now - 'cept maybe the Office."
-Paul Colligan, CEO of COLLIGAN.COM INC.

"Sharp, original, creative and hilarious - BREAK A LEG is as fresh and different as anything out there."
-Sam Long, Director of Programming, Access SFTV

"Hallelujah for the hilarious independent internet sitcom Break a Leg! Produced on a shoestring, writers & brethren Vlad and Yuri Baranovsky (who is also appearing as the main character David Penn ) have proven themselves to be very talented indeed. "


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